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Closing Lafayette Location

Open 24 hours until 9am Monday, June 3.

Franchising, seeking investors.

Assistance at All Stages of Your Project

The Most Up-to-date Schematics

We've got your back!

Inside You'll Find:

Vehicle Lift

Oil and Fluid Disposal

Mac Tool Kit

Bolts, Screws and Etc.

Workbench and Vise

Lights and Work Mats

Overnight Storage

Professional Assistance

If you want it done right...

4x4, 24-7, 365? Whether you're a Ford or Chevy driver, our four-poster will do the trick. Harley guy? No lift required, but we've got all the tools you need. Drive a Bimmer? We carry synthetic. No matter who you are, you'll fit right in.

How it Works

Bring your ride in and get to work! We are a do-it-yourself shop. We lend you a lift and a standard Mac toolbox, and you put in the elbow grease. We have specialty tools you can check out too (no additional charge). You can book time online on this site, or call in and we'll put you on the schedule. It's $40 per hour in the evenings and on weekends, and $35 per hour during the weekdays. We have packages of 10 hours at a discount, or monthly memberships that let you keep unused hours and use them later.

Feel free to bring your own parts, or order them through us if you'd rather.

If you've run out of time or patience to do it yourself, don't worry! We offer traditional full-service auto repair too. We'll pick up where you leave off, or start a new project or repair from scratch. 

The only thing better than doing it yourself is giving someone else your pro tips. Check out our classes and members-only events to learn the tricks of the trade. 

Come hang out at Pit Row and get to know the crew! We're looking forward to meeting you and helping with your project!


Since 2009 Pit Row has been at the heart of the automotive community in Silicon Valley. We are muscle car and European sports car specialists, and we needed more room to work on our projects than we had at home. So we got together with friends to open a shop where we could spread out, stay up late, then head home and leave our hot rods behind (but not for long). 

Ask Me Anything

(669) 240-1777

2555 Lafayette St, #122

Santa Clara, CA 95050